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Your Purpose Is Our Purpose

How Folio is more than just a space for you to work.

The questions we ask ourselves as a company are; how can we help our members achieve their goals, supporting them not to just survive but thrive and be as efficient as they can with their time and energy. Most importantly, how can we help to bring some joy back into their work life?

At Folio, we want to be our members’ support system. We are the low maintenance friend who is there to provide a shoulder to lean on, as well as free office supplies, snacks, and drinks to share with your new co-working cohorts! We are here to foster the work community we have all so been missing.

As a member, your purpose becomes our purpose. Do you need some business coaching? We can provide that. Need a large space for a board meeting? We can provide that. Need steady, reliable access to various forms of caffeine? We can provide that.

Our goal is to give our members the best tools so they can build their dream career. We have done our best to create an inclusive space to foster a symbiotic relationship between you and Folio. You will grow because of the Folio community, and, in turn, the Folio community will grow because of you. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an effort to lift you up in support because at the end of the day, your purpose is our purpose!

Whether this is in the form of a large office so you can bounce ideas off of fellow office mates, a booth in the middle of the action so you can mingle with the community to learn, socialize, and maybe gain a client, or a private office so you can buckle down and turn your old 8-hour workday into a 4-hour workday, we are here for you!

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