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12 Fantastic Amenities & Services Coworking Spaces Provide

Coworking spaces are a haven for entrepreneurial startups & small businesses owing to the perfect balance of amenities & services they provide. They embody productivity & workplace collaboration on levels not seen in traditional office spaces. The future of coworking is highly promising for employee satisfaction.

Suppose WFH doesn't feel right, and booking a conventional office is disagreeable for aesthetic & financial reasons. In that case, you might have to start looking for a coworking space provider. Everyone focused on job satisfaction, security, belongingness & fulfillment has a legitimate reason to believe in the thriving rates of coworking spaces - take it from the Global Coworking Unconference!

So, apart from the assumed obvious, what does a coworking service provider actually offer in terms of services & amenities? And is it a gender-inclusive environment?

Let's take a closer look!

Co-Working or Coworking?

Even though both words spell the same, they advocate different concepts. Coworking is when diversity & equality is observed in a working space, usually in the same organization. But now, with the advent, and resulting popularity, of shared working space, the term has evolved.

Coworking is when independent business entities & freelance individuals assemble under the same roof to carry out their job duties without the silo atmosphere of a sterile office hanging over them.

The notion of shared office spaces also brings with it a diverse range of services & amenities that will continually evolve to accommodate the modern employee or employer.

One can easily reserve & rent a spot for themselves or their business in these spaces. And they are a godsend for startups that need all the financial help they can get via office space savings.

What Does an Ideal Coworking Service Facilitate?

These spaces are not dank and stationary; they must be dynamic and accommodating to a diverse group of individuals and entities. You might think of electricity, WIFI, or coffee. Still, the amenities list must be exhaustive for an ideal coworking space.

Coworking Amenities

Secure Parking

That's an obvious keeper. No coworker likes their car to be parked outside by the curb in what could be an active or shady part of town. Thefts, vandalism, and rear-ending are as concerning as the need to provide secure & accessible parking spaces.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Suppose your team is holding a seminar, a remote event, or a client meeting. In that case, you need a space optimized for acoustics - a quiet place - to get that mix of professionalism & privacy that breeds success. The same can be said for coworkers whose nature of occupation has them on the phone most of the time. Seamless colleague discussions, entertaining client calls, & quick team meetings all need an agronomically designed room to carry on without disturbing others.

Video Conferencing

With startups going beyond international borders to deliver services, remote conferencing & meetings would be impossible without the provision of video conferencing equipment. And coworking spaces of today do not come without one!

Communication Infrastructure

Telephones and private booths as coworking amenities seem obsolete but not unnecessary if you consider their potential in some situations. If you need to exchange sensitive information, you can use a private booth away from other work teams. And if there are temporary connectivity issues, you can always contact your coworkers by telephone.

Office Stationery & Equipment

Admittedly, the modern workspace relies less and less on the need for paper documentation, or as we say, a 'paperless' environment. However, some things like ink, pens, pencils, clips, thumbnails, folders, scanners, multiple types of printers, and shredders will probably remain for the time being. And you can find all these in a shared space and more!

Kitchen Accessibility

The need for accessible refreshments for coworking employees & freelancers cannot be overlooked in an office. Depending on the scale of the space, coworking amenities include providing food, beverages & snacks. There could be a kitchen equipped or a dedicated cafeteria service. You would have to inquire for more details to be able to find a coworking space that covers refreshments.


Cloud Backup

Thanks to technology, as a coworker, you or your team can easily reserve space on the cloud via a coworking service to back up sensitive business data. Multiple coworkers or teams can secure their slice of dedicated data security. They can expect top-notch encryption protocols, courtesy of the coworking office.

Security Coverage

Coworking spaces are a hub for people with diverse experiences & occupations, some of which might be sensitive in nature and require secure work premises & dedicated space. So, premium coworking service providers guarantee 24/7 surveillance & even security backup in the event something goes awry.

Secured Networking

With cybercrime rampant across energy, utility, & other industries, no one is safe unless they take precautions. Secure IT facilities are a critical need for niche coworking spaces. You must ensure the internet service provider is authenticated before signing up for the office space.

Daycare Staff

Many businessfolk and individuals are parents balancing work and time for their children. Daycare facilities help alleviate the pressure of parenthood and provide relief. The service is a must for new working parents on the search for a flexible office space.

Post & Mail

Work items, documents, electronics, prototypes, fragile artifacts & architectural documents often must be shipped between businesses and clients. A coworking facility that provides secure post and mail services is too good to pass on if you are in the field of working with tangible materials.

Auxiliary Generator

The better a service provider plans for contingencies, the greater the degree of convenience for the clients. That includes, but is not limited to, backup power in the event of a power cut.

Why Do These Services & Amenities Matter?

People who utilize facilitating coworking spaces perceive their occupation as far more meaningful than traditional offices, leading to higher satisfaction levels. That is because the influx of diverse careers, people, activities, and facilities instill in them a renewed enthusiasm to be a better contributor to a cause.

In effect, you and your team are not just employers and employees.

You all become a part of a progressive social movement to enhance community standards & work collaboration.

This is a well-articulated value in the Coworking Manifesto that has seen much success.

The amenities guarantee coworkers have job control and progressive opportunities, feel connected, and exhibit a higher willingness to thrive in such spaces. The benefits range from a positive group mentality to individual professional development.

If you and your team have had it with the stagnant & bureaucratic office spaces listed around you, maybe it's time you migrated over to the productive ambiance of a coworking office space in Michigan.

What Do Folio Offices' Coworking Spaces Provide?

Are you still stuck wondering whether we deliver as advertised? Do we really provide such a dynamic workspace, amenities & services equipped? Wait till you check out our dedicated FAQs and realize how essential our service is to the potential success of your business & personal objectives.

Think of us as a highly-equipped wellness center for the career-oriented!

Are You Seeking An Exemplary Coworking Office Space In Ferndale or Berkley, MI?

Folio Offices offers exceptional, rentable workspaces for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and multifaceted freelancers in both locations. Our services are membership-based, and our amenities are second to none in the region. If you want more convincing, feel free to book your team for the tour of either of our locations.

And if you still can't believe the coworking amenities we offer, feel free to contact us today!

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