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Why Should I Choose a Coworking Space Over Traditional Offices?

Ever wonder why companies across the world are ditching traditional office spaces for coworking spaces like Folio? We discuss 5 reasons why this trend continues to accelerate.

1. More Cost Efficient Than Leasing an Office

Whether you are a small team or a fast-scaling company with increasing headcounts, Folio Offices has a membership plan for you. For those who want the opportunity to be social at work and share creative ideas, but also want a desk of their own, dedicated desk is the perfect solution, price starting at $300/month. If your team is growing and needs an office for better privacy, the multi-person offices are fully furnished and move-in ready, price starting at $1,100/month for a maximum of eight employees. Learn more about Folio Offices memberships and their benefits.

2. Work In A Great Location And Full Amenities Provided

A lower price does not compromise the location nor the quality of the coworking spaces. Folio Offices are conveniently located in Michigan’s metro Detroit communities of Berkley and Ferndale.

The facilities at Folio Offices are all you need for business: high speed internet, bright spaces, large common areas, business-class printing and scanning, conference rooms and private phone booths. Your company does not need to spend any extra money or energy setting up a new office, Folio Offices has taken care of all of those for you.

Why choose Folio Offices instead of other coworking spaces?

3. Higher Productivity and Motivation For You and Your Employees

What can be more motivating than working alongside ambitious, productive people? There are many industrious companies and entrepreneurs working at Folio Offices spaces, and they certainly create a hard-working vibe. Your company (and employees) are surrounded by the creative and focused environment which sparks new ideas and motives everyone to work efficiently. In fact, plenty of Folio Offices members commented that working at Folio Offices helps them stay motivated, and they get much less distraction than working from home or at coffee shops.

4. Connect to A Community That Helps Your Business Grow

Apart from the ‘’hardware’’ side that is the building and facilities Folio Offices offers, the ‘’software’’ aspect is equally beneficial to your business. When you have a new business, you want to be part of a community that can help you and provide expertise and experiences, Folio Offices does just that. At our coworking spaces, plenty of events are being held to engage the companies to form a helpful community: Networking events and sessions with industry leaders are also great opportunities to gain knowledge and connections. As members of Folio Offices, you get entrance to all such events, so be sure to take full advantage of them!

5. Some Other Important Reasons

You can meet your clients properly: it’s fine to meet your clients at coffee shops in the very start of your business. But as it grows, you want to meet in more professional environments. Folio Offices provides its members with conference rooms of various sizes that are open to book. Next time your clients come to your workplace, they will be taken to highly modern and professional conference rooms, they are sure to appreciate it and take the meeting more seriously.

You can have both social activities and privacy: at coworking spaces, you get to be mingling and chatting with other business and entrepreneurs. Folio Offices provides plenty of chances to socialize. Sometimes however, your business really needs privacy. Folio Offices coworking spaces are equipped with private phone booths with excellent soundproofing, you can feel free to discuss your next deal in one of those without whispering.

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