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Member Spotlight: Ryan Redoute

Owner and Digital Marketing Consultant & Campaign Manager at Dynamo

Ryan, owner of Dynamo, is a Digital Marketing Consultant & Campaign Manager and is a new Folio Ferndale Member. He chose Folio for his new office because he worked from home for 3 years and he no longer wanted to mix home with work. Plus, it was fate. Folio Ferndale opened up right down the road from his new home.

What is your favorite thing about Folio?

The ambiance, the friendly atmosphere, and the snacks!

What’s most important to you in an ideal workspace/office?

I need a space where I can focus and feel comfortable; being around people is also great. I found this type of environment at coffee shops, but I never felt like I could stay for more than an hour or two. Folio feels more like a professional home where I can stay as long as I like. The snacks, tea, and sparkling water are also great.

Has getting a new office space impacted your business? If so, how?

Absolutely, I've been able to concentrate for longer periods of time since working at Folio. I relate it to working out at a gym versus at home. I'm personally much more motivated to work out at the gym, surrounded by others doing the same, than I am at home with my cat napping next to me. I'm opening up time for myself to take on more tasks and passion projects.

What would you say to someone who is considering getting a membership and/or office here at Folio?

Think about your home/work balance. When you're home after work, do you still feel like you're in work mode? Is home still a place of comfort and relaxation for you? After working from home for 3 years, I started to feel like my work/home balance was out of whack which prompted me to seek out Folio.

You can find Ryan on Instagram, LinkedIn, and making videos for Michiganders on TikTok which has over 95,000 followers. Oh, and he wrote a children's book!

If Ryan has persuaded you to learn more about Folio Offices, you can view our membership options here or schedule a tour here.

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